Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big Vase - $45

Big Vase

Hi There,

I saw your ad on craigslist for the "Big Vase" . I was just wondering if you could provide me with some proof that you have not just built a miniature house to enclose a small vase, thus making it appear to be a BIG vase? Perhaps you could take a photo of it next to something which would be harder to counterfeit.
I guess the easiest thing to do would be to try to get a photo of the vase next to a celebrity of known size. That would be very hard to counterfeit. It seems as though you are in the Toronto, Canada region so perhaps Celine Dion or Bryan Adams would be best.

if u could wait until next week we could bring in Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood... lets us know so i can dismantle my miniture house, thx.
You are funny. I am going to post your response on

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

cake towels - $2

cake towels

Hi There,

I saw your ad on Craigslist for the cake towels for sale . I just want to be clear on what I will be receiving. You see I have quite a bit of cake on me right now and I ordered some cake towels online. The problem is that these were towels made out of cake not towels for removing cake. I tried to do what I could with them but they just made the problem worse. So as long as these are traditional cake REMOVAL towels I am interested, but I can't handle any more cake on me right now, I JUST CAN'T HANDLE THAT!