Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stud Service

Stud Service

Hi there,

I saw your ad on Craig's List for the Stud Service . I am interested in breeding my Husky as well but there is one small problem... my dog refuses to use what is commonly know as the "doggy style" position. All the other studding service providers I have contacted have insisted on this one position. Is your dog willing to try other positions? Even just a "single lotus" or "cobra spike" position would be fine.

Please let me know.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Handmade Bachelorette Party Favor Soaps

Handmade Bachelorette Party Favor Soaps

Hi There,

I saw your ad for the Party Favor soaps on Craig's List . I would like to order some for party favors for my 6 year old. She and her friends would really get a kick out of funny rocket ship soap. I just want to make sure that they are non-toxic since they are for six year-olds and I am sure one or two of them may put one in their mouth.


The soap is non-toxic so no worries there. But you do know that these soaps are for adults
that they are "Penis" "Pecker" shaped soaps.
Hope this helps!

Now I am not sure if you have children or not but I AM very sure that the rocket ship soaps would be much more appropriate for children than these so called "pecker" soaps you mention! Please try to stay on topic, you are not being very professional.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

WOW lvl 80 BE death knight - $400

WOW lvl 80 BE death knight


I saw your ad on Craig's List for the WOW lvl 80 BE death knight - $400 .

Are you kidding me??? 400 bucks for THAT?? You clearly haven't ever set foot in Naxx10. Your trade skills are less than 50% and you have blue shoulders!! My sister's level 63 resto druid would wtfpwn you. "On a pale horse" REALLY!!??!!?? You obviously have no idea how to spec, you need to take a look at .

I might consider trading for an 8 meg Voodoo 2 video card, but you probably are already using one... lollerskates!!!

Thanks to our guest writer High Pt for this submission -ed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

vINTAGE tABLE cLOTHES seller is touchy

When we offered the vINTAGE tABLE cLOTHES seller a trade, we thought we were being helpful. They saw it otherwise:

vtc seller:
I thought it was you. Gee, it seems as if were only yesterday that you were in my remedial writing class for the terminally dim witted. It's sad to see that you are not only still a nit wit, lacking any creative insight, but from the sound of things, you remain unemployable. So sad you can't even scrape up $15. to buy items that are worth $50.
Take care,

I think you mean "it seems like it was just yesterday" I have no idea why you have used the subjunctive. Maybe you are stupid.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Hi There,

I saw your ad on Craig's List for the vINTAGE tABLE cLOTHES $15 (bELLE hARBOR, qUEEN'S) .

I do not have the $15 dollars but I was wondering if you would consider an exchange for a CAPSLOCK key.

Let me know