Friday, February 20, 2009


To mark the first month of Found On Craigslist, we are having a contest. To enter, all you have to do is sign up as a follower of the blog and leave at least one comment on any post. On March 14th we will pick the best comment (our sole discretion) and that person will win one of the fantastic items that have been featured on the blog.

The winning commentor may win the item they commented on (or maybe not). Shipping might be included (or might not).

2 Stella Artois beer goblets for sale - $15

2 Stella Artois beer goblets for sale

Hi there,

I just saw your ad on Craig's List for the 2 Stella Artois beer goblets for sale for $15 . It seemed like a pretty great deal so I looked them up online and it seems like they can be purchased at the local liquor store for $6.95 each, and each comes with a 330 mL bottle of beer.

So I guess I need to know your location in the city. If you are closer than the liquor store I will come buy the glasses. So let me know your address.


Calculator submission received

We have received the results from the large button calculator test. Note that these results have been submitted by the seller, but have not yet been verified as accurate.

Hi, below are the answers:
4 x 31= 124
1234 + 5679 =6913
8 - 91.22 = -83.22
5318008 / 69= 77072,579

I know we have a lot of scientists who read this blog. We would like to tap into that resource to try and get this resolved. If some of you can verify these results through independent experiment, we would be grateful.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pack of Marlboro Lights Cigarrettes, American Spirits - $6

Pack of Marlboro Lights Cigarrettes, American Spirits

Good morning,

I saw your ad for the 11/20 full pack of Marlboro and the 17/20 full pack of American Spirit cigarettes Your story has a few loop holes in it. You claimed at first that you "bought the wrong kind" however later on you mention that they were "left by friends". In either case I have some questions... Did you really buy two different packs of the wrong type of cigarettes, smoke 9 out of one pack and 3 out of the other and then decide that you couldn't handle it anymore? What made you give up? Do you usually smoke menthols?


If your friends left them at your house should you really be selling them? My friend left his jacket at my place after a dinner party last Friday and it didn't even cross my mind to sell it. Regardless of the answers to these questions I am still interested as they are so discounted. But perhaps you could lower the price even a tiny bit more considering the unclear origin of these items? Also a few photos would be nice in order to assess their integrity.


Large Calculator with easy big buttons, great for kids and elderly - $10

Large Calculator with easy big buttons, great for kids and elderly

Hi there!

I saw your ad on craig's list for the calculator . Just to be sure that everything is as advertised and it is functional please have a child or elderly person perform the following calculations and email me the answers.
4 x 31
1234 + 5679
8 - 91.22
5318008 / 69

Thanks so much,

authentic cornichons - $5

authentic cornichons


I saw you ad on Craig's List for the authentic cornichons . I am obviously very interested, as the price is right, but how can I be assured of their authenticity? In the past I have just taken people's word for it and wound up with just a can of small pickles. Do you have some sort of certificate you scan and send to me?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Panda blender – smoothie machine brand new in the box - $20

Panda blender – smoothie machine brand new in the box


I saw your ad on craig's list for the panda blender .

I am disgusted and appalled. First of all, pandas are an endangered species and, as well, they hold a special place in the culture of China. The fact that you are willing to post an ad for such a gruesome device in a public forum makes me wonder what else you are capable of.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WARNING ice crusher


I saw your ad on craigslist for the warning ice crusher . At first I wondered why it was called "warning" ice crusher, then I noticed the specifications. You mention that it operates at 120 volts AC and draws a current of 110 amps. Now I am no physicist but it seems that this device has a power of 13.2 kilowatts. I guess to put this different terms this would be the power needed to lift a 220 Lbs person 100 feet in the air in one second. This would mean them experiencing about 6G's of acceleration the entire journey. Could you please send me a photo of some of the crushed ice?

WARNING: ice crusher, indeed.