Thursday, February 26, 2009

We learn more about Quantum Biofeedback

(Our emails are marked "FOCL", theirs "SCQB")

Thank-you for your inquiry. I think we might be able to help you. I can design a protocol specifically for "writer's block". Its probably best if you call me and I can answer any questions you might have.

Hi Dr.

Right now I am not able to call because I am in Switzerland for a couple of weeks, but I do live in Toronto. I guess I was just wondering how this system works. I guess you use some kind of machine. Does this machine use electricity or something else? How does it work on something like a whole person? I always thought that quantum physics was for very small things, like atoms or clarks.

There are 5 different contact points that we attach the system to -- the head, the wrists and ankles. Yes, the system appears to run on electricity....there is a device called the SCIO which is attached to a laptop computer. The rubber straps come out of the SCIO. I say it appears to run on electricity because the voltage is almost undetectable and therefore non-invasive to the body. In a 3 minute test it sends out 10,000 beneficial homeopathic frequencies. The body has an incredible intelligence and will absorb what it needs. Therefore, if the frequency of (for example) vitamin C doesn't come back to the computer in a full loop then we know the body has absorbed this energy and is deficient in this nutrient. Does this make sense?

Quantum Biofeedback really utilizes quantum energy which much more subtle and natural than the energy we call electricity. It is the energy that is all around us. The system is very advanced. That being said, it is FDA approved and recognized by Health Canada as a medical device.

I hope I have answered your questions.

Blessings to you,

PS I appreciate the compliment title of doctor, but as you know I am not a medical doctor. I'm a Certified Biofeedback Technician, Reiki Master and soon to become Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

OK that sounds great. I am surprised to hear that there are 10000 vitamin frequencies, I thought there were just a few, A,B,B7,E the usual ones.

Anyway I just saw that you offer Distance Therapy! That is amazing. But could it work as far away as Switzerland?Also on your website it says:

"Because of the nature of energetic therapy, it is also very effective when done at a distance. If you wonder how this works, think of your cell phone. It has a specific number or "frequency" that rings when it is called. There are no wires or visible connections.Your body also has a very specific frequency. After obtaining and inputting specific information that we gather from you (such as your address and date/place of birth), we can connect with you vibrationally, on what we call a "subspace" level. This can only be done effectively when you have asked for the distant session and are open to it."

This is really great idea but here is my concern: Once you guys have my frequency you can help me out by sending the waves and then I will pick them up. But, you then will have a record of personal frequency and what is stopping you then from controlling me with it? I could be anywhere in the world and there is nothing I could do. But I guess I can trust you?

Anyway, how much info do you need in order to get my frequency? Just address and date/place of birth?


PS: I don't have a paypal account do you accept credit cards?


  1. 10,000 frequencies! I wonder what the bandwidth is.

  2. Wait, wait. They hook this thing up to a laptop? Does this mean they have a fully functional quantum computer? I demand to know more.

  3. "clarks" is the best part of this whole thing.