Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nautical Theme Key Holder - $5

I was your ad on Criagslist for the Nautical theme key holder http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/mss/hsh/1076107000.html. I am in the market for a new key holder and this looks like it could be the one. I especially like how wonderfully nautical it is. I assume you have been storing boat keys in it (what else would you put in it? It is SO nautical). Anyway just wondering if you could send me a few pics of it with some boat keys in it so I can get a feel for how it works.


Would you like to pick up the item this evening?

Would you like to send me a photo of it with some boat keys in it?

As mentioned I no longer have a boat therefore no keys.

Actually, I don't think I would recognize boat keys anyway. So just use any keys and I will "assume" that they are boat keys WINK !
PS: DO NOT use bicycle lock keys, I know what those look like.

Sorry I do not have any keys.

I guess that explains why you are selling the key holder.Do you know anyone that has keys you could borrow for a few minutes?

Do you live in futuristic house in which everything is voice activated including the locks and car? If so, are you worried that your exact-voice-double is walking through the streets yelling "Unlock front door!" and "Start car!", and that one day he/she will walk by your house and you will lose all of the futuristic beeping items that you have worked so hard to acquire?

Sorry to make you worry but I think that these are things you should consider.Anyway let me know about the photo with borrowed keys -- hopefully of the boat variety :)

Friends do not have keys either, we are all minimalists

Do you want it or not?

While I do not doubt that you and your friends do not have keys, I don't think that I would call a group of people with voice activated cars and front doors "minimalists".

OK, how about just a reasonable drawing of a boat key taped to it?
Then I will buy it FOR SURE!!

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