Monday, March 23, 2009

Tired of going to strangers' basements for CORALS - $3

Tired of going to strangers' basements for CORALS


I saw your ad on Craigslist "Tired of going to strangers' basements for CORALS" . FREAKING TELL ME ABOUT IT MAN!

Sometimes all I want is a simple Pink Staghorn or Sea Whip and I wind up traipsing around some basement with some 45 year old dude named Snakebite who lives with his mom and brags that he doesn't have a bedtime so it is still pretty "boss". Then he makes you look at how many hit points his mage has acquired since he found that new book of spells before you are even allowed to see the coral. But then he does bring out the coral... and OH WHAT A CORAL it is. The darkest Pink Staghorn you ever saw man, polyps so big the basal plate bows under their weight. Sea Whips so long the hydrozoa which are known to live among its branches look as small as bryozoa. Where does Snakebite get these specimens?? Then when you get home with your coral you wonder if it was all just a dream...


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