Thursday, April 9, 2009

WOW lvl 80 BE death knight - $400

WOW lvl 80 BE death knight


I saw your ad on Craig's List for the WOW lvl 80 BE death knight - $400 .

Are you kidding me??? 400 bucks for THAT?? You clearly haven't ever set foot in Naxx10. Your trade skills are less than 50% and you have blue shoulders!! My sister's level 63 resto druid would wtfpwn you. "On a pale horse" REALLY!!??!!?? You obviously have no idea how to spec, you need to take a look at .

I might consider trading for an 8 meg Voodoo 2 video card, but you probably are already using one... lollerskates!!!

Thanks to our guest writer High Pt for this submission -ed.

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