Friday, May 29, 2009

great screw driver set - $2

great screw driver set$2

Good day,

I saw that you are selling a great screw driver set for $2 . I was just wondering, can I just have it for free please?


thanks for email.
sorry it is $2. this will be part of my transportation fee.
pls consider it with $2. thanks

Well the subway is $2.75 so why don't I come pick them up and you will be up 75 cents and I will be up 3 screwdrivers and nobody gets screwed (except all those SCREWS!! LOL).

i am sorry but i got another email from someone who wants this with $2.
so, i will sell this person.
sorry about that.

take care


ok,,,,,, fair enough. $2.01
can i see you tomorrow 10am-530pm in downtown?
what time is good for u?

Wait a minute... I'm no rocket surgeon but I have been thinking a little bit and it seems a little fishy that you posted this ad 3 days ago and got no offers and then 5 mins after we started the communicate you received an offer for the full asking price??? Could you please forward me the offer which you received? Thanks.

ok. if u say so, i dont wanna sell such a picky person.
sorry about that.
i got emails from other persons. so i decided to talk to them.
i decided not to sell u.

sorry , but good night


I guess I should not have kicked a gift horse in the mouth. $2.01, let's do it.

no no. sorry. but i have decided. i dont wanna make trouble with strangers.
moreover, i am not in a hurry to sell it.
so, i will contact other person.sorry about that.
take care.


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