Friday, December 18, 2009

Quality Area RUGS - $25

Quality Area RUGS - $25

Hi there,

I saw your posting on Craig's List "Quality Area RUGS - $25 - $10000 (AGAIN???)" .

In your ad you seem to be making fun of someone who is selling rugs. You say:

"My goodness.....I have not seen such ugly rugs since.....well.....the last time you posted them,......yesterday. Why is it the people who post most frequently are the one's with the ugliest, most over-priced stuff to sell? Tell you pay me $50 and I will pick up these rugs and deliver them to the dump......K? BTW........what do you think......posting it in "household" one day and "furniture" the next is going to make your ugly rugs sell any quicker. There is a section for your is called "FREE" "

I don't think that it is right to make fun of strangers just because YOU happen to think that what they are selling is ridiculous. What kind of person does that????

For shame,

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