Monday, January 24, 2011

Sponge mop & bucket - $30 (UPDATED)

Sponge mop & bucket

Well hello there,

I saw your ad on Craigslist for the used sponge mop & bucket I think it is a super wonderful idea for you you to be selling your old mop and bucket on Craigslist, but in your ad you say "I don't think any explanation is needed!!!". This is where I think I need to disagree. I think you need to explain how in god's name you believe your used sponge mop and bucket are worth 30 bucks. I asked my mop appraiser and she says that a mop like that probably retails for about $15-20 new. So I guess you're saying that wiping up whatever crap you have tracked into your house since you purchased the item has the effect of doubling its value? I am not sure you know how the used cleaning product market works my friend.

I am very interested in the mop, is it still available?

Well miss La Rose,

I appreciate you showing me that I should probably mention that the sponge I used is not included, that's disgusting. This is a refillable mop and the refill has been added to the mop handle. Not that I need to justify anything to you....but I figured your rude and ignorant email deserved to be addressed.

As I mentioned in the ad I hardly used either item, literally twice. I mentioned that because the handle and bucket are like new. Yes, there are definitely items out there similar to this one that are 10-15 dollars. However, both of these particular items were purchased for OVER 30 dollars. Since they were hardly used I figured posting 30 and having people negotiate down is fare...Most of the time you bring the amount down by at least half. So I start higher to give leeway.

I've already had people interested and have organized a fare price for it. Once it's picked up I'll be deleting the ad.

So next time, instead of being an ass I suggest you keep you rude thoughts to yourself.

OK OK apology accepted. So shall we say 7 bucks for the mop and bucket?
Really? after AAALLLLL that, you want it? You must be pulling my leg.

In any case, someone is already planning on picking it up tomorrow night.

How much are they paying?
More then you offered and less then I'm asking.

I'm not even sure why I'm still entertaining your emails.

I'm obviously not going to be selling it to you.


This will be my last email to you.

At this point are you ready to concede that you were wrong about the "I don't think any explanation is needed!!!" part?