Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pack of Marlboro Lights Cigarrettes, American Spirits - $6

Pack of Marlboro Lights Cigarrettes, American Spirits

Good morning,

I saw your ad for the 11/20 full pack of Marlboro and the 17/20 full pack of American Spirit cigarettes Your story has a few loop holes in it. You claimed at first that you "bought the wrong kind" however later on you mention that they were "left by friends". In either case I have some questions... Did you really buy two different packs of the wrong type of cigarettes, smoke 9 out of one pack and 3 out of the other and then decide that you couldn't handle it anymore? What made you give up? Do you usually smoke menthols?


If your friends left them at your house should you really be selling them? My friend left his jacket at my place after a dinner party last Friday and it didn't even cross my mind to sell it. Regardless of the answers to these questions I am still interested as they are so discounted. But perhaps you could lower the price even a tiny bit more considering the unclear origin of these items? Also a few photos would be nice in order to assess their integrity.


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